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TALALIA was established in the year 2000 with a vision of providing quality products at competitive prices to our clients such as contracting and maintenance industry. Today, after decades TALALIA is one the leading suppliers of a wide range of Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Mechanical Materials.

TALALIA is well known for selling reputed and quality products like pipe supports, vibration isolators, flexible connectors, piping &ducting accessories, duct sealant, adhesives & coatings,  duct accessories, flexible air ducts, aluminium jacketing aluminium tapes, copper pipes & coils, fiberglass insulation, rubber insulation, insulation products, pressure gauges & thermometers, flexible hoses and a variety of similar products from well known branded companies like WEICCO, DELMON, CLIM, ATCO/EASYFLEX, RPR, ABRO, HAILIANG, KIMMCO, ARIFLEX, SAUDI ROCKWOOL, WINTERS, FLEXITUB etc.

TALALIA has a team of well moulded and experienced sales and technical staff who are competent of providing relevant technical guidance and economic solutions without compromising the quality of product. in the evolving competitive marketplaces.

TALALIA, as a result, is synonymous of its quality and outstanding services for the customer satisfaction across the country.



The mission of TALALIA is to contribute material value to its clients and help them to establish strong and successful long-term positions in their markets. This has been achieved by sourcing high quality products at very competitive prices and by providing outstanding customer service.